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HiFi stand – cherry

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Hifi stand with reddish brown laquer and a hint of burnt sienna. Lightbrown elevated.

Specifically designed for enthusiasts with a classical taste and an affinity for light, natural browns, our cherry hifi stand has a reddish brown coat with a hint of burnt sienna and heavy copper feet with shiny copper finish, complementing your cherry hifi equipment to a fault. Robust, stable and an eye-catcher, it is the perfect stand and an ornament in one.


Product Description

This product is handmade from the finest American walnut wood and comes equipped with high class metal feet. Highest quality standards are applied during its handcrafting to emphasize the natural imperfections of the wood - making sure each piece is unique.

Additional Information

Weight 6,85 kg
Dimensions 40 x 50 x 4 cm