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Cable elevator – cherry

tone of excellence - cable elevator- cherry
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A pair of cable elevators with reddish brown laquer and a hint of burnt sienna. Lightbrown elevated.

Specifically designed for enthusiasts with a classical taste and an affinity for light, natural browns, our cherry cable elevator has a reddish brown coat with a hint of burnt sienna and a heavy copper spacer with shiny copper finish, complementing your cherry hifi equipment to a fault. Robust, stable and an eye-catcher, it is the perfect elevator and an ornament in one.


Product Description

This product is handmade from the finest American walnut wood and comes equipped with a high class metal base. Highest quality standards are applied during its handcrafting to emphasize the natural imperfections of the wood - making sure each piece is unique.

Additional Information

Weight 0,64 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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