Tone of Excellence

Harmony and quality

Our unique cable elevators and hifi- and loudspeaker stands are lovingly prepared from selected materials with the utmost attention to detail. We use American walnut of the highest quality and polished MDF, both augmented by careful coating and lovely finishing. Stability is ensured by applying a massive bronze base or feet outfitted with prime quality Italian felt.

During production, thorough care is taken to emphasize the natural patterns of the wood – making each piece sui generis. In a harmonious balance of nature and craftsmanship, each item shows off its original wood texture, lovingly polished to protective perfection.

Our products, designed without the slightest hint of compromise on quality, need carpenters with the same unbending values. In our manufactury each item is handcrafted by expert woodcrafters who bring their enthusiasm and professionalism to the task. After completion, each product is inspected individually for minuscule flaws and given a unique identification number engraved. Flawless perfection is guaranteed by a Certificate of Authenticity personally signed by the CEO of Tone of Excellence.

We bring the same attention to mailing our products as to producing them. Your items are dispatched in our custom designed quality boxes of luxurious design sporting our company logo, wrapped in thick layers of protective material. Timely dispatch is ensured worldwide by DHL.



Address: 48-50 Bimbo Str,
H-1022 Budapest, Hungary


+36 30 631 1754